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PostSubject: idk   idk Icon_minitimeThu Nov 11, 2010 11:10 pm

i can't decide my own emotions. if even one of my friends is feeling upset, then i'm feeling upset too
therefore i'm upset more often than not
and i can't do anything to make myself feel better
i've been enjoying tw less and less
i bet the fact that i'm posting this will make at least one of you blame yourselves
and the cycle will continue
i can't even help anyone
i need to not completely rely on one thing and center my life around it
but it's too late, i can't do anything

i wish life treated me better
oh well, wishing won't do anything
i have no other friends to rely on, no close family members to talk to

i will regret this post, i just know it
it won't do any good
but nothing does any good

i might try to take a break for a bit or something
knowing me, i'll last about a minute

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PostSubject: Re: idk   idk Icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 12:21 am

that's kinda the thing, you can't really choose how you feel...and the fact that your emotions are so connected to how your friends are feeling just shows how much you care about them.
at least you try to help people, a lot of people wouldn't even bother.
i wish i could help everyone here that's going through their own shit. i care about you all so fucking much.
you guys are the best friends i've ever had.
we can't all fix everything though.
i don't know what to say D| my mind is blank
no matter what though, you always have us, and you can talk to us about anything. :c you're one of my awesomest bros ever.
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