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 Missing the Old Days

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PostSubject: Missing the Old Days   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:05 pm

Of Pokemon that is! Now that the newest generation of our favorite cuddly, battling creatures has been released, I kind of wish that they had stopped after the 4th generation. None of the new Pokemon are memorable or important in any way... They're just being made for the money. Not to say I'm not going to enjoy Black and White, because I am! But it seems like the "older" poke's had more character... They meant something! Even the fourth gen had it's memorables like Lucario, Munchlax and Infernape.

I also feel like "competitive battling" undermines what Pokemon is really about. Sites like Smogon demean and down right embarrass some of our "weaker" but more lovable buddies! Stats aren't everything and when were younger we really understood that. We played the game for the joy of training and watching our friends gain experience and reach their full potential! Many of us Pokemaniacs have been playing Pokemon since the beginning and I think we ALL need to reflect and realize that we should have the same innocent joy while playing these games now as we did back when we first battled Mewtwo or was caught be surprise when watering that funny tree!

This isn't a rant about how "THE ORIGINALS WERE BEST BLAH BLAH BLAH" but I do miss the "Golden Age" of Pokemon. I know that a lot of people will first be introduced to the spirit of Pokemon through the fifth generation and better late than never! These games still embody the same spirit we came to know and love back during the first gen, and for that I'm thankful! But please, don't forget about the vets like Butterfree, Meganium, Milotic, and Bonsly!
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Missing the Old Days
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