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 I get offended too easily.

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PostSubject: I get offended too easily.   Fri May 14, 2010 2:40 pm

I really do. I'm oversensitive 8C

Today I got yelled at for mispronouncing a girl's name in art class, I said "Queeahna" instead of "Keyahna" and she yelled "DON'T MISPRONOUNCE MY NAME, YOU FUCKING BITCH" and I'm just like uuuu ;A;

Anywho, I shouldn't get offended and upset by that. I SHOULD be able to brush something like that off. Any sort of harshness at all seems to make me sad for some reason. And it's really weak of me.

so..uh.. what do you suggest for me to stop being so oversensitive o.o

But... on the positive side, my friend MerrMerr was shocked that she was yelling at me.. and the two are apparently really close friends, so I felt kind of important. but still.. uuu ;A;

my team:

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I get offended too easily.
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