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PostSubject: Hello   Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:18 am

Hey, nice site you got here. I was wondering if anyone has pokesav? I could really use their help!

I like small forums so I can build up a reputation while not only training and getting better but achieving certain ranks - in this cass gym leadership...etc.
But if someone here does have pokesav and could help me out it would be killing 2 birds with 1 stone
I will be active though. I'm also a mod on serebii so I don't just ditch forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello   Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:38 am

hello there, I'm lopunny as you might already know.

glad to have you on this forum. c:
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PostSubject: Re: Hello   Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:26 am

I'm well..
Puma,Gabitten,Shadow(even though I don't like this nicknamefdsf),etc;

Well,hope you like TW.
I really can't think of anything to say.
My brain is officially dead.D;
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PostSubject: Re: Hello   Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:09 pm

Hey, nice to have you here! I'm one of the admins at this forum.
I don't have Pokesav, but I know a couple people here have it, they might be able to help. c:
I hope you enjoy your stay! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Hello   Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:08 pm

Welcome to our forum!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello   

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