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 The Rules of Torn World [Last edited: 7/28/2010]

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PostSubject: The Rules of Torn World [Last edited: 7/28/2010]   Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:58 pm

1. Treat all other members with respect- no flaming or trolling. The worst example is insults based on race, gender, or religious beliefs, which will likely get you banned.
2. Avoid fights. If you must argue, take it to PM.
3. No spamming. This includes double posting, so use the edit button if you need to. Spamming for no reason in the chatbox will get you kicked.
4. Swearing is permitted, but not excessively. This is a privilege that will be removed if you abuse it. In the chatbox, if someone warns that their parents or other family members may be watching the screen, do not use any inappropriate language.
5. If a staff member is abusing their powers, contact an admin on the matter.
6. No multiple accounts. This especially includes making new accounts to dodge bans.
7. Do not link to or post pornography or anything similarly inappropriate.
8. Do not link to or post ROMs or other illegal content.
9. You can advertise your own site in your signature, but not on the boards or through PM. However, feel free to just chat about other sites. If you really want some extra advertising, request an affiliation.
10. Do not steal artwork or other content that does not belong to you.
11. All posts must at least be somewhat constructive. If you have nothing to say, don't post.
12. Do not trade any, legally or illegally, hacked Pokemon on this forum unless the other person fully acknowledges that the Pokemon are hacked. In battling, legal hacks are allowed.

Follow these rules and you will have no problems with the staff on this forum. Have fun on Torn World!
tl;dr version: Don't be a jerk or post illegal stuff.
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The Rules of Torn World [Last edited: 7/28/2010]
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